About Roosevelt

Roosevelt Sargent was born into a violent, drug infested, poverty-filled world that only got worse as he grew older. With his parents’ incarceration, his journey through homelessness, and the thug lifestyle that surrounded him daily, the smart money was on him not living to reach the age of eighteen. Add in teenage parenthood, and his brief future seemed predetermined. 

But then one day something happened that would change him forever. Roosevelt found faith in Christianity. From then on he was a new man. Sargent became a published writer of nationally and internationally distributed music projects and he spent over fifteen years traveling and sharing his story to inspire hope in the lives of troubled youth across America. During this time he also founded CSR Entertainment, the hip hop label that produced the first Christian rap group to perform on the nationally syndicated television show “Soul Train” known as the CL Ryderz. He also started a neighborhood youth center in Southern California where he selflessly served his local community and now he has published his first book Victorious Underdog. From the dead man he should’ve been to the inspirational man he was meant to be, Roosevelt Sargent is the Victorious Underdog. Today Roosevelt resides in Fort Worth, Texas where he continues to serve and impact the lives of many he comes in contact with each day.